The following are the rules and requirements for joining the clique.

  1. The main requirement is that you own three or more domains.
  2. .com, .net, .org, .nu, .cc, .ws,, .info, other country codes, etc. are all allowed.
  3. This clique is for webmasters of any sex or gender. The "whore" part of the clique name is genderless.
  4. Free domains, like .tk, are not permitted (unless you paid for your .tk domain).
  5. You must list at least two other domain names (to verify that you have three domains). After that, you may list as many domains as you'd like, but keep in mind that there is a 255-character limit.
  6. Subdomains like or are not domain names. Your URL must be in the form of (or another extension).
  7. Illegal, hateful, and/or spammy/phishy sites and domain names will not be listed.
  8. The clique code must be placed on your main domain after being accepted. Note that you don't have to put the code on every domain, just the main one. You can put it on multiple domains if you want though.
  9. You do not need to provide a password, but one will be created for you should you not choose your own. All passwords are encrypted, and I do not have access to them.
  10. If you need to update or change information on your listing, please do not resubmit your listing. Instead, please use the change form.
  11. If you have questions or problems, please .
  12. Go to the Join page to join the clique.

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