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Fanlistings are free to join - all you need is a name, country, and valid e-mail address. This fanlisting is for Ziva David, formerly one of the main characters from the American TV series NCIS.

Why I Love Ziva
Ziva is my favorite character from NCIS and one of my favorite TV characters. She's kick-ass, strong, and beautiful, but she's a very complicated character. She keeps her emotions carefully guarded, yet she also wears them on her sleeve. She will tease and flirt and be playful, but she's also frequently stoic, distant, and unmoving. She tries to get Tony to open up to her, but she rarely talks about herself. Ziva is a portrait of contrasts. She's a trained assassin with impulse issues and a tendency towards violence, but she also enjoys reading and cooking. She is never really sure where she fits in, especially when she first joins NCIS, but she still finds a place in the family all the same. She has been through hell, losing all of her family members, being tortured for months, and being betrayed by people she loves, but somehow she still manages to keep on. I love that she's so good at driving that she's actually horrible at it, that she can throw innuendo around and isn't afraid to show interest in men, that she can play the piano and pick locks, that she has (admittedly overblown) quirks with the English language, and that she has really, really, really awesome hair. Ziva can take care of herself and those around her, she isn't afraid to say what she thinks (is, in fact, often blunt to a fault), and she can and will stand up to Gibbs (and doesn't back down). I ♥ her completely and am sad she's no longer on the show (but thankfully she isn't dead like so many past female characters) lol never mind they killed her.

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Ziva David