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Shawn Spencer
Shawn Spencer was trained from a young age to be a great detective by his overbearing father, Henry Spencer. However, much to his father's disappointment, Shawn didn't follow the family tradition of becoming a police officer. Instead, Shawn happily drifted from one job to the next (57 since high school), never settling down in any one occupation for very long (he's never held one job for more than six months).

Despite his apparent commitment to slackerdom, Shawn nevertheless retains the finely honed skills he acquired as a boy. Shawn has a photographic memory, and he notices tiny details that escape the average person. Using his abilities, Shawn solves crimes he sees on TV and phones in police tips to collect reward money.

But when Shawn goes to collect another phone tip reward, he's accused by the police of being an accessory to the crime. He has to invent an excuse to explain how he knows things that the police are convinced only an insider would know - so he claims to be a psychic. Shawn is forced to carry on the charade and assist the detectives in solving a kidnapping case, but he soon finds himself enjoying the farce immensely.

Shawn drags his best friend Gus, whom he's known practically since birth, into his newly founded psychic detective agency, which he aptly calls Psych. Gus, of course, knows that Shawn isn't psychic, but he's mostly grudgingly agreed to help Shawn out. (What are best friends for, if not to help a pal lie to police authorities about his non-existent psychic abilities?) As a private consulting agency, Shawn and Gus are free to help the police department on cases, as well as to take on outside jobs. Not everyone - especially Detective Lassiter - believes Shawn is truly psychic, but he has to keep up the appearance of being one, not only to benefit his new business, but also because since he knows the police will never listen to him otherwise.

Shawn is extremely funny; he's always making jokes and doesn't seem to take many things seriously. He is also a huge flirt, and he hits on any pretty woman he encounters. However, despite his casual personality, he appears genuinely dedicated to his current job, even if it's as a fake psychic detective; he believes this is his calling - he's good at it, he can solve the cases, and he finally has a way to put his skills to use. And beneath his womanizing, carefree, irreverent surface lies a lot of hostility and conflicted feelings towards his formerly estranged father.

Random Stuff: Shawn's primary mode of transportation is his motorcycle. His parents are divorced. His trademark pose is when he places his fingers on his temples while thinking; Gus thinks he looks "ridiculous" doing it. He has nicknames for Lassiter ("Lassie") and Juliet ("Jules"). He has a habit of giving people pineapples as gifts and likes eating anything pineapple-flavored. He knows how to play chess. He and Gus were the only members of a boy scout troup led by Henry. He has a criminal record from when he stole a car when he was a teenager to impress a girl. He has perfect aim.