Adorkable : Juliet O'Hara

This is the approved The Fanlistings Network fanlisting for Detective Juliet O'Hara, a character from the TV series Psych. Juliet is played by actress Maggie Lawson.

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Juliet is an extremely sweet, adorable character from Psych. She's genuinely passionate about everything she does, even if she sometimes ends up going overboard. A police detective, Juliet recently arrived from Miami and is partnered with Detective Carlton Lassiter. Although less experienced than Lassiter, she complements his cool, brusque demeanor by being much more considerate and nicer. Juliet is an optimist and tends to be more open-minded than her partner, especially when it comes to Shawn's "psychic" abilities. Besides knowing the police code backwards and forwards, Juliet has an above-average knowledge of baseball statistics and is a professed comic book geek. Lest you think she's just a tomboy, she also went to cheerleading camp (before getting kicked out for fighting) and is (debatedly) good at choreography.

Other Facts: She owns two pet cats (one of whom died mid-Season 2). She has the highest score in the Santa Barbara Police Department for the detective test. A requirement for her potential boyfriends is that they be good at bowling. Shawn's nickname for her is "Jules." She has at least three nephews, Drake, Fin, and Isaac. She's one of the few people to usually get Shawn's random references.

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