This is the Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Roald Dahl, the writer, author, and poet.

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Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors. I've adored his children's books since I first read them in elementary school. My favorites are still Matilda and The Witches. I've also read and enjoyed several of his adult short stories.

I originally owned this fanlisting, though the initial members list came from the previous fanlisting. I adopted the fanlisting to Mellissa. In November 2007, Mellissa adopted it back to me.

The current layout features artwork by Quentin Blake, one of Britian's most famous children's illustrators and authors. He did many of the illustrations for Mr. Dahl's children's books, and his unique images have become just as memorable as Mr. Dahl's writings themselves.

The site name was suggested by my friend Nilah. The members list is powered by Enthusiast.

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