Arthur is, without a doubt, my favorite character from the King Arthur (2004) movie. I admire him because he has a strong sense of honor and loyalty: to his men, to his God, to the memories of the loved ones he has lost, and to those whom he serves. He believes in the ideals of equality and freedom, and throughout the movie, he puts those ideals into action- Arthur genuinely believes that everyone around him is equal to him, and deserves to be as such, no matter what their rank or their station. His sense of right and wrong is clear- when confronted with what he realizes is deceit or a lie, he sets out to right those wrongs. Not only is Arthur extremely passionate about ideals and duty, he is also deeply committed to the people around him. The movie shows him as a humane, caring person, who rescues those who need his help, even though they are of his enemy, and those who are too sick and helpless to protect themselves. He lives as a knight, and is willing to fight and die in order to protect the people whom he cares for, even if he must go alone. He loves the men he has grown up with and trained, like they are his family, especially Lancelot, who is his best friend and seems to be like a younger brother to him. Arthur would rather die himself than have any of his knights die. He is an amazing, dedicated, deeply devoted character, who is not without his flaws, but who nevertheless remains true to what he believes in and stands for. King Arthur was very much a character-driven movie in my opinion, and Arthur in particular made it worth seeing. It was easy to see why even in the story he became a legend to those of his time, and why so many followed him and were willing to die for him.


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